Meet Me And My Reason “WHY” For SCDC

Posted by Chelsea Ogden on

🥰With so many new faces to the shop , I wanted to take the time to Introduce myself to those who may not know my WHY for starting this journey....

Soo here we go...
Hey Y’all! My Names Chelsea and this little peanut next to me is Charlotte aka Charlie , my inspiration for my shop name. From a very young age I showed quarter horses competitively all over the U.S. , the western industry was a HUGE part of my childhood and now as a mama to Two beautiful babies I can’t help but immerse them in this lifestyle I grew up loving soo much!
I was a former hair stylist and make up artist for 10yrs , I loved every aspect of that industry , the hair , the make up , the glitz , the fashion, the fast pace , being apart of clients special days, and some ones confidant and safe place when they sat in my chair. When I got pregnant with Jax I became very ill , Jax was born very ill , I had to give up my dream job and my love for horses too.... It was like everything that made me , ME was compromised... I struggled tremendously on what I could do now with my life once Jax and I got our health back... I started with crafting at home little outfits for Jax and such to pass the time and it honestly started giving me such relief and joy!But still at that time I didn’t think much about it becoming something more then that.... Fast forward a few years and here comes Charlie..... I was once again very ill (pregnancy is not my friend) I was home day in and day out , going a little stir crazy but not healthy enough to actually uphold a job commitment by no means... so here I go with crafting but, now I have a sewing machine.... That I couldn’t even thread properly for a good 6months I swear haha! I only made things for my kids and posted pics of them in my creations and got a lot of positive feedback ... still not convinced I’d make a living off of my “crafting” .... It wasn’t until, my sweet boy was diagnosed shortly after he turned 4 with Aspergers & ODD. His condition was making him struggle in school , as well as home life became very intense... So here I was , home alone ( hubby worked out of town) with a nursing new baby and a unpredictable 4yo.
Landon and I knew this was not ideal for any of us. So once Jax started his therapy program Landon had no choice but leave his fancy good paying job to help me at home. We obviously needed to have a way to still make an income to support ourselves , soooo that’s when “ Sorry Charlie Denim Co. “ came to life! I took our last $25 and went and bought a few yards of fabric and a pair of goodwill wranglers , whipped up my best outfit at the time ... posted a few pics of Charlie in it and the rest has been all because of you loving and supporting my dream! I Am technically a One Woman Show as far as , I cut my own patterns , I sew every piece , I package myself with the exception of Char & Jax like to label 🤣 , I run my own social media and my customer service! But my drive and motivation is solely because of my amazing family supporting me and all of you wonderful customers! Sooo thank you from the bottom of heart for continuing to ride this journey with me and giving me the ability to provide my family a happy and healthy life while doing what I love!
Chelsea & Scdc Fam